Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine"s Day Teacher Treat

On my last day off when I should have been working on my concept paper, I decided that I really needed to do something creative. Of course I headed right to Pintrest to see what the clever people were pinning. Knowing that my 2 youngest sons would soon need Valentines,I checked out some Valentine boards.  There was a super cute pin that I thought would make an excellent Teacher gift.  I made a few variations and soon ended up with 5 very cute Teacher gifts which are sure to be l<3ved!!!

I started with a few white cups that match a china set I have. (No one around here drinks coffee after dinner and those that do call for a much LARGER cup).  I used a permanent marker to finish the heart started by the handle! I embellished the heart with some very simple designs.

Here are a few of the cups.I did say SIMPLE designs.
 Since I was going to have several saucers without mates I decided to match the saucer designs to the cup designs and personalize them from the boys.

 I then filled the cup with chocolate kisses, because next to LOVE, candy is what Valentine's Day is all about.
To finish off the little gift, I put the cup and saucer into a Valentine treat bag and used a large heart as a gift tag.

Now, to get them to school in one piece!!

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