Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Bliss

Ok, so if you are the parent of a teenager, you know how difficult it can be to get some gratitute and sincere, heartfelt gratitude is even in shorter supply. (we have all been teenagers, we know)  Last night my daughter came in to say good night and then said, "Thanks for a great Valentine's Day, Mom".  Wow! If that didn't go miles!!!  So what did I do?  I have to say that my actions were not contirved for that end result but I will take it!!

I thought about Valentine's Day, what it all means and who are my truest LOVES.  The answer was clear. My family. So rather than a romantic dinner for 2 (me and my hubby) I prepared a romantic dinner for 6 (us and the 4 kids)!  I prepared a dinner not unlike anything that we normally eat, but it was the presentation!
Dinner was set in the dining room, linens on the table, chargers, china, silver and wine glasses (yes, even for the babies!)

On each person's plate I put a bag of their favorite candy with their name on a heart. Their own personal Valentine!  Also the heart confetti added a really cute touch.

We all sat at the table, shared each other's company, plenty of laughs and lingered there well after dinner and dessert.  The best Valentine's Day I can remember, surrounded by the loved of my lives~~ I should have thanked them! ;)

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